Mayor: Pat Gorcak
Deputy Mayor: Bertha Zacharias
Councillor: Jerry Wipf

Councillor Portfolios:

Mayor Gorcak

  • Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services  Commission
  • East Central Ambulance Association 

Deputy Mayor Zacharias

  • Acadia Foundation
  • Family Resource Worker Committee
  • Neutral Hills Adult Learning
  • Village of Veteran Cemetery Society
  • Communities in Bloom
  • BCWMC, Alternate
  • SMRWSC, Alternate

Councillor Wipf

  • Big Country Waste Management Commission
  • Palliser Regional Municipal Services
  • ATCO Gas Contact Person
  • Acadia Foundation, Alternate
  • Big Country Regional Recycling Society

Council Meetings:
Second and Fourth Tuesday – 5:30pm 



C.A.O. & Director of Disaster Services:   Debbie Johnstone
Village Forman: Darryl Tkach
Fire Chief: Darryl Tkach
Deputy Director of Disaster Services: Pat Gorcak

Office Hours:
Tuesdays to Thursdays
8:30am to 4:00pm

Village of Veteran

Box 439
Veteran, T0C 2S0

Street Address
110 Waterloo Street